Founded in Belgium 2014, named after its founder Jonas G. Soto and Benjamin Franklin, the US President displayed on the $100 notes from the companies first collection SIT ON BILLIONS.

Jonas G. Soto found inspiration in his father's art project SIT ON MILLIONS by artist Piet Van. During the banking crisis in 2008, the artist would recreate the banks losses with huge money piles filled with soft money benches each representing millions of dollars or euros on which people could sit on, preferably in front of the banks. Later BENJ & SOTO has obtained the rights to recreate the project under the name SIT ON BILLIONS for a limited fictional value of $1,000,000,000,000.

' The skill and ingenuity with which the artist had created these works of art was mind-blowing. His vision inspired me to further develop the concept into products that are suitable for intensive use and a wider platform. Instead of working with traditional fabrics for upholstering furniture, we developed a totally new production process to bring graphically designed furniture to the next level. ' - Jonas G. Soto.

BENJ & SOTO focusses on the design, development and manufacturing of soft furniture made with the seamless and durable B&S Fiber Coated Foam to create progressive and graphic design.


 The original SIT ON MILLIONS - © PIET VAN