B&S Fiber Coating arose from the limitations of existing materials to make progressive graphic design furniture. Ultimately creating an optical illusion of furniture that looks hard but is actually soft and comfortable to sit on.
The result is a production process that can seamlessly wrap various soft materials such as PU foams as a durable and customizable protective cover, a Fiber Coated Foam.
Due to its durability, unique properties and exceptional print quality, it is an innovative upcoming alternative to upholster and graphically design furniture while experiencing a unique seating comfort.
As the world's only provider, BENJ & SOTO focuses on the further development of new applications.

Fiber Coating has been extensively tested in certified laboratories to exceed the highest standards of the furniture industry


All products meet the quality requirements set for the furniture contract market


Strength, durability and safety: ENV 12520

UV-resistance: EN ISO 105-BO2 (1999) + AL (2002) 6-7

Puncture resistance: EN863 (1995) 381N
Abrasion: ISO 12947-2(1998)/cor.1 (2002) >200.000
Fire retardant: DIN4102-1B2 (1998) / EN 1021-1/2
Fire retardant+ (optional): BS5852 (2006)